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Fujian Huanhuan Sculpture Arts Co., Limited is a stainless steel sculpture fabrication foundry that manufacture stainless steel sculptures, bronze sculptures, stone sculptures, other sculptures and acceptable projects. We are a professional manufacturer with many years for designing, manufacturing and installing sculptures.

We have made a lot of high quality sculptures for many artists from all over the world. The artists are from America, Canada, Norway, Italy, UK, Switzerland, Ireland, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and so on. They are very satisfied with our quality. We only make high quality artworks. Most of our sculptures are made by professional artists. Our staff artisans are descended from countless generations of artisans whose lives are dedicated to the working of sculptures.

We guarantee high quality, good price and on time. We mainly work with artists from all over the world. The quality of our sculptures are very high at artist level.

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